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The aa+e Mission is:

We understand that everything we do is a project.

We recognize that there is a need to be satisfied, and we will communicate with our clients effectively in order to understand that specific need, so we can deliver a product that satisfies our clients’ need according to the standards that they set, within the funding that they have allocated, in the timeline that they have made available.

We know there are risks involved and as a professional consultant, it is our responsibility to assist our clients, both externally and internally, by providing the appropriate level of resources, expertise, experience and technology, to guide our clients to solutions that help them mitigate that risk.

We manage expectations. We present parameters, set the boundaries, plan our activities, and then execute the duties associated with our profession accordingly. We gather the necessary data, perform the required calculations, coordinate with our team members, prepare our drawings and specifications, then review our products to ensure that they meet the standards established by our clients. We assure that there is a complete representation of all requirements, so our clients are fully empowered to make the right decisions for themselves, and procure the necessary deliverables required to satisfy their business need.

We are represented by our performance and stand by our work.


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Myrtle Beach Architects

Accord Architects & Engineers (aa+e) is an architecture and engineering firm located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. AAE is a service disabled veteran owned architecture and engineering firm in the state of South Carolina verified by the Center for Veterans Enterprises. Accord Architects & Engineers offers over 35 years of experience to their services which include commercial real estate design, residential real estate design, industrial design, federal projects, medical projects, educational design as well as the hospitality industry.


1101 Johnson Ave.
Suite 104
Myrtle Beach SC, 29577

Tel: 843-712-1470
Fax: 843-712-1470

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